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Cacoa husk + Rosehip

Cocoa Husk and Rosehip Tea have potential skin benefits due to their antioxidant and their anti inflammatory properties, which can protect the skin from UV damage. Cocoa husk contains epicatechin, which reduces production of free radicals, promotes collagen production, and improves skin hydration. Rosehip is rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants, which protect the skin from free radical damage and have anti-inflammatory properties.

The study on phytochemicals (theobromine; protocatechuic acid; procyanidin B2, epicatechin) from cocoa shells reveals their potential positive effects in preventing NAFLD (Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease). This is achieved through the activation of FGF21 signaling, the mitigation of oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction, and the alleviation of lipid accumulation and insulin resistance.

Cocoa Husk with Rosehip:

  • Nature’s Harmony: Embrace the gentle essence of cocoa husk intertwined with the delicate allure of rosehip.
  • Abundant Antioxidants: Cocoa husk provides a bountiful supply of antioxidants, nurturing your well-being from within.
  • Vitamin C Boost: Rosehip infuses your cup with vitamin C, contributing to a radiant and vibrant you and also help to reduce the harmful effects of UV radiation on the skin.
  • Serene Bliss: Let the soothing symphony of flavors transport you to a state of tranquil bliss.
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