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Once upon a time, there were two passionate individuals from very different backgrounds – a pharmacist and a barista. Hon Kean, the pharmacist, was passionate about expanding people’s healthspan, while Chun Hoong, the barista, was a legendary figure in the Malaysian coffee scene, known for his incredible blends and flavor profiles.

Hon Kean was on a mission to find an effective way to help people avoid the massive medical costs and miserable life that comes with old age. He spent most of his time researching patient behavior, diet, exercise, supplements, personalized healthcare, and biohacking. However, he found that the best and simplest way to prevent chronic illness was by balancing and optimizing our body’s “stress” every morning before the day starts.

Despite trying multiple lifestyle interventions, diets, and supplements, Hon Kean had yet to find the perfect solution to his problem. That was until he met Chun Hoong in his new café. They discussed how a breakfast drink like coffee, tea, milk, or fruit juice was a common habit for most people and could potentially be a key “solution” to help balance our stressful mornings. That’s when Hon Kean came up with the idea for a special “breakfast drink” that everyone could drink every morning to help balance their body’s stress.

After reviewing numerous scientific research papers, Hon Kean stumbled upon cacao husk shell tea. He found that it fulfilled the criteria for his “solution” because of its beneficial effects on the body. To maximize the effect of cacao husk tea, Hon Kean and Chun Hoong worked together to create a series of special proprietary cacao tea blends. Hon Kean focused on the evidence of health claims, while Chun Hoong focused on aroma and taste.

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