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Kotea’s Selection of Cocoa Husk Fusion Tea

La Malama

Cocoa Husk with Rosehip

Rosehip infuses your cup with vitamin C, contributing to a radiant and vibrant you and also help to reduce the harmful effects of UV radiation on the skin.


Cocoa Husk with Black Ginger

Black ginger improves physical performanceand provides an energy boost, helping individuals remain alert and maintain focus.

Ate Malama

Cocoa Husk with Omanthus

Osmanthus is thought to aid in detoxification processes, potentially assisting the liver in removing toxins from the body.

Opu Ola

Cocoa Husk with Apple and Ginger

Apple and ginger will help regulate bowel movements, reducing inflammation and alleviating symptoms of digestive discomfort.

Our Story

Once upon a time, there were two passionate individuals from very different backgrounds – a pharmacist and a barista.
Hon Kean, the pharmacist, was passionate about expanding people’s healthspan, while Chun Hoong, the barista, was a legendary figure in the Malaysian coffee scene, known for his incredible blends and flavor profiles.

Our Functional Tea

Ate Malama

Cocoa Husk with Osmanthus

Cocoa husk and osmanthus tea is a natural and potentially beneficial beverage for individuals with metabolic syndrome. The antioxidants , fiber and anti-inflammatory properties of cocoa husk and osmanthus can improve insulin sensitivity , lower blood pressure , and improve cholesterol levels. However , individuals with metabolic syndrome should work with their healthcare provider to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that includes a healthy diet, regular exercise and medications if necessary.

Lā malama

Cacoa husk + Rosehip

Cocoa Husk and Rosehip Tea have potential skin benefits due to their antioxidant and their anti-inflammatory properties, which can protect the skin from UV damage. Cocoa husk contains epicatechin, which reduces production of free radicals, promotes collagen production , and improves skin hydration. Rosehip tea is rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants, which protect the skin from free radical damage and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Opu Ola

Cocoa husk + Apple + Ginger

Cocoa Husk, apple and ginger tea is an excellent herbal blend that can help to improve digestion. The combination of cocoa husk, apple pieces and ginger root provides a range of health benefits , including promoting regular bowerl movements, reducing inflammation , and alleviating symptoms of digestive discomfort. This tea is an easy and delicious way to support overall digestive health and can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle


Cocoa husk + Black Ginger

Cocoa husk and black ginger tea is a powerful blend of natural ingredients that can help to enhance physical performance and increase endurance. With its delicious taste and easy preparation , it is a great alternative to other caffeinated beverages, providing a balanced and sustained energy boost throughout the day. Whether you are an ahtlete, a busy professional, or simply someone who wants to stay sharp and focused , this tea is sure to deliver the results you are looking for